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Work Experience

These workshops are for school years 10-11 and last around 3-4 hours in duration. They consist of a 1 hour forum theatre show,followed by teambuilding games,body language scenarios and drama based games… more


Interview Skills

Our interview skills workshops address the needs of sixth formers preparing for both university or college interviews and also for other more formal interview occasions.They are aimed at Years 10-12… more


Presentation Skills

This 2 hour workshop is tailored for the needs of University students who need to explore how they are presenting themselves in real life interview scenarios,we use a variety if interesting techniques to draw out key issues including,Body language… more

Teachers Communication & Confidence Building

This 3-4 hours workshop is specifically geared towards of teachers in all classroom and lecture environments,and explores issues using Conversation games, Body language scenarios,Story telling and Relaxation exercises…more


Drama in a day

Drama in a day engages an entire primary school class or year group in a day long drama event with professional musicians and actors, in which they prepare a one-off show for performance on the same day as the event… more


GCSE options (Workshops)

We have tailored workshops to meet specific needs in a variety of different circumstances, using professional trainers and actors to draw upon particular resources… more