Work Experience

Work Experience Performance workshop (Years 10-11)

Using forum theatre as the process to uncover the pitfalls of working in a business environment during the work experience fortnights in Year 10, the students are encouraged to und1_dramabased1erstand the importance of punctuality and codes of conduct in the workplace. Working with younger actors who portray the school students I use humour to uncover the students reservations and help them find strategies that they can employ during their work experience placements. The performance is interactive (see ‘What is forum theatre?) The story follows two young people from the interviews for a work placement to the placement itself. The show is tailored to the time each individual school requires, between 45mins to 1 hour.


1_teambuildinggames3 copyTeam building games

The importance of working in a team can be underestimated by students. Through team building games they come to understand that everyone has a role to play within the team and that it is not about being a ‘good leader’ or even showing leadeship skills.

Body language scenarios

Being more aware of what we do and say can enhance our ability to communicate more effectively.  Body language comes in clusters of signals and postures so if you wish to communicate well then it makes sense to understand how you can and cannot use your body to say what you mean. Using short scenes actors demonstrate the importantance of non verbal communication. It is astonishing how much we give away through our body language alone.





Drama based games

Young people learn a tremendous amount from playing games and drama games are just a natural extension of a young child’s normal play behaviour.
Drama games build self-confidence, increase self-awareness, develop social and interactive skills and improve communication and negotiation skills. Most importantly they are fun.