Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills workshop 

Working on harnessing nervous energy, and through anchoring and meditative exercises I help to develop the students confidence in presenting their material.

3_bodylanguagescenarios1-copyI use a variety of warm up and relaxation exercises to free them up physically and through short scenes demonstrated by the actors they gain a better understanding of the impact body language has on an audience. Using storytelling as a basis for delivery they discover how they can get their message across more effectively.


3_storytelling1Story telling games

The idea that we have to be interesting or entertaining makes most people clam up. This is probably the biggest fear behind presenting. Make it about telling a story. We are all storytellers. We love stories and most good communication is based on storytelling. Enjoy taking your audience on a journey. The secret here is our human instinct to tell stories. If you are telling the most amazing and important news to someone, you are aware that the communication is about the story, not about you. Focus your attention on telling the story! The story telling games show how easy it can be.


This workshop is 2 hours in length.



Relaxation exercise

The most important thing to realise is that when you are presenting you are still having a conversation. You don’t need tricks and techniques that make you look like an automaton. Faced with a crowd all looking at us, we can have a primitive, ‘fight or flight’ response. This sets off physical reactions that cut down our breathing and restrict our voice. If you stay ‘centred’ and ‘grounded’  with deep, free breath and a relaxed neck and throat, you will feel and sound more confident. If you are too hyped up you will appear anxious and over eager, too laid back and you could look like you don’t care. If you are relaxed you have more chance of communicating effectively and the nerves will work for you.