Interview Skills

Interview Skills workshop (Years 10-13)


Body Language scenarios 

Using role-play, drama games and exercises I explore the issues surrounding factors that can prevent a successful interview. I also explore the impact body language has on first impressions and help the students gain an understanding of how stress can inhibit presentation. The actors perform short scenes showing the importance of understanding body language in communication. I use a variety of techniques: forum theatre, vocal games and physical warm-ups to relax and give the students an opportunity to experience at first hand the impact their behaviour can have upon the interviewer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The students are encouraged to find their own voice and also share best practice with each other, thereby gaining a good understanding of how factors such as low self-esteem can interfere with their interview performance.


First impressions 

Through group role-play where they play the interviewer they discover how important good interpersonal skills are during an interview. They are part of a team interviewing a candidate. It gives the students an insight into how an interviewee might behave and the impact of first impressions upon an interview panel.                                                                       This is a light hearted way of experiencing an interview from the ‘other side’

The workshops are usually half day or as many 45 min workshops on a carousel as are needed when forming part of a interview skills day.