Drama in a day

Drama-In-A-Day (Years 3-7)

Children love to play. Give them an idea, lots of space and time and their imaginations will run free. Drama In A Day allows them to play and imagine within a safe and secure environment under the leadership of an experienced director and actors.

DrmDy_146The children are introduced to the theme of the day , chosen by the school before hand and themes are taken from the curriculum. The work they do during the day encourages co-operation and team building. To prepare the children for working as a large group, we use physical and vocal warm up games, which are both fun and stimulating. Being able to run and jump and shout is very popular! The large group is then broken down into smaller groups when they work on short improvised scenes. Dialogue is introduced to the scenes, yet no one is forced to do so and then the play starts to take shape.

The children work with each other during the day to create a short piece of theatre, which they perform at the end of the day to the school and sometimes if possible parents and carers.